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ART Sparks Blog Hop // 03 Nov

fullsizerenderI’ve been having fun playing with Karen Friedland’s ART SPARKS Creative Project Card Deck.  Besides being so Colorful & vibrant; using the cards is a way to reach inside yourself and let your creativity shine through. A means to learn to express yourself creatively even when you’re not sure you can. 
It’s a month’s worth of projects to motivate you every day. On one side, your artistic intuition will be sparked as you are guided through creative projects. On the flip side, there is inspiration from Karen Friedland’s brightly colored paintings.
Play with drawing, painting, collaging and color to express your wild artistic vision. Each project will take you on a journey to explore your innovative expression. Extras include “Imagination Journey” recordings online and membership in a private Facebook group to share your works of art.
My favorite Four Cards
I picked #28 Making a drawing with White Crayon or candle.  Very intuitive with no planning, just playing and enjoying the experience.  Flowers, Sunshine, Rainbows.  This for me was so relaxing and right in my creative zone.  Painting from my intuition and then slowly adding a layer of watercolor of Purple, Blue and Pink on top of the white crayon/candle.  I remember doing something like this as a child.  Art has always relaxed and kept a sense of peace within me

Art Sparks



Art Sparks Card Deck

My next piece was playing with Love & Hearts with layers of purple & pink on top


 I loved this process since I am an abstract painter & love painting with color and texture.   Not knowing exactly what to expect is why I love about this process.  It brings a sense of surprise & curiosity. Blending the Watercolors together over the wax is very unexpected and Abstract
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10 Responses to “ART Sparks Blog Hop”

  1. Rita Montgomery says:

    These look so awesome. I need prompts like these to get me going. Thanks.

  2. Kristin says:

    Thanks for sharing your idea. I forget that sometimes the simple things you learn as children can have a fun way of building your art techniques.

  3. Lorri Carnevale says:

    Nice Melissa I think I might have to get some of these cards and see what comes from my soul when I play with them…..

    Keep up your shine you are a rainbow in the middle of the rain……I love & miss you.

    Imperfectly Beautiful

  4. Angelique Becking says:

    Hello Melissa, You made lovely pages. I remembered too making something like that when I was a child 😉 This card deck is really great. I often struggle to start a page, so I think I can really use this card deck. I hope it becomes availeble in The Netherlands too. XX

  5. As I go through everyones ‘hop’ progects, I am more convinced that Karen’s deck is more like inspiration than prompts. I tend to abandon single word prompts because I get caught up in the thinking process too much. I am really loving the examples I see of these cards.

  6. Dianne Fitch says:

    White crayon is a neat idea. Loving all the art sparks!

  7. Yvonne van Loon says:

    I love your art and the Art sparks!

  8. Yvonne van Loon says:

    I love this deck and your art!

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